Aircooled VW Fuel Injection is here!

And it's easier than ever!

Have you wanted the convenience of fuel injection but didn't like the idea of learning how to laptop tune a system to your car? The good news is that now you can have fuel injection on your VW, have a true self-learning system, and all you have to do is drive your car around to tune it!


Yes, that's right! Tuning EFI on your VW is now a matter of driving it around like you normally would!

Kits for most applications! Dual throttle body systems, or our popular single barrel 34pict Holley Sniper replacement EFI!

We believe there is no "one size fits all" for the aircooled VW EFI needs. We have enough variations to cover everything from a single Solex replacement, to a 50mm IDA pattern dual throttle body system!

Our entry level Holley Sniper 1100, originally designed for the 64 to 67 Ford Mustang straght 6 has been adapted to replace the Solex 34pict! Full self-learning EFI that you bolt on and go! Holley is well aware of us and our modifications to adapt the Sniper to our needs and offer full support as well as referal for these applications!

Our dual throttle body system is based on the Holley Terminator X that has been modified and re-tuned to operate properly on the aircooled VW engine!

The Red-E Difference

20 years Aircooled EFI Experience

We build our tunes based on years of experience making power for the track, and drivability in street cars. Don't just install a basic out of the box tune, rely on our knowledge and experience to install a target tune that will work for your aircooled application! All Terminator X systems are not the same, as you can see what the basic "Startup Wizard" gives you vs our own built tunes to allow better targets with better resolution for better drivability in all driving conditions!

Perfect for 34pict replacement

The easiest and least expensive way to add fuel injection to your VW currently running a 34pict carb! Completely self learning, preloaded with our own tunes to get you out on the road and driving! Use with a stock 34pict manifold, or use the aftermarket aluminum 34pict manifold that reportedly flows 12% more air than stock! Perfect for stock engines, up to larger displacement torque engines that keep the RPM's low like we've done with the 2021cc in our shop truck. 

Not recommended for performance engines that require higher rpm power

Love your Webers or Dells, but just wish it was better?

We give you two choices of throttle bodies! Standard throttle bodies have visible fuel rails and fuel injectors, while our "Heritage" series throttle bodies mimic a Weber IDF right down to a faux accelerator pump while hiding the injectors inside where the float bowl would normally be! Go for the modern looks, or keep your classic old school look! 

Heritage Series for that vintage Cal-Looker!

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! Have the traditional looks of an IDA carburetor, but with the advantage of fuel injection controlling it all! IDA throttle bodies are made to look just like real Weber IDA's! This is what we run on our shop car with it's 356 inspired "tribute" engine and most everyone has to have it pointed out that it's fuel injected, they can't tell! 

Available in 50mm bore, with no venturi or auxiliary vent in the way to impede airflow!

Product support and options!

We can add Idle Air Control (IAC) to your Terminator based system, or if you need a high pressure fuel system to feed the engine, we have you covered!

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